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Badsell Farm

The vision for Badsell Farm was to create an attractive housing development that would integrate existing and new residential areas with the surrounding countryside. The opportunity was taken to combine the site and surrounding area providing both added value and community benefit.

The development

It would have its own distinct qualities whilst responding to the surrounding local character features and landscape. The aspiration was to provide place-making infrastructure which would facilitate the emergence of a sustainable modern suburb and a new community-focused development. The scheme was organised around a landscaping strategy that aimed to respond to its context, maximise views to the surrounding landscape and enhance the immediate locale.

We developed a series of housing typologies for a semi-rural setting that embraced and observed the surrounding landscape. Taking cues from the rural vernacular of Kent agricultural buildings, we designed a series of squares and courtyards with dwellings arranged around them to provide shelter, open spaces and a comfortable, domestic environment.The proposal created a series of neighbourhoods with a defined boundary with perimeter dwellings organised to frame views of the immediate locale. This approach establishes character areas that will create new sustainable neighbourhoods which respond to their unique setting through the enhancement of existing landscape features.

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