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Alton Estate

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TateHindle has designed three new residential buildings as part of the regeneration of the Alton Estate – the landmark 1950s development in Roehampton, south-west London.

Working with Redrow and the London Borough of Wandsworth, TateHindle has produced a planning application for 230 homes as part of the 1,100-dwelling masterplan to transform one of the UK’s largest council estates.

The development

Located on the northern edge of the overall development, the three buildings are organised around two landscaped courtyards that link Roehampton Lane to the network of streets and squares that underpin the masterplan, significantly improving the permeability of the site.

Responding to the challenging site topography, car parking is concealed in a semi-basement. Shared surfaces and other ‘healthy streets’ principles have also been introduced to enhance residents’ wellbeing – with a range of outdoor amenity spaces, street trees, active travel routes, and opportunities for doorstep play.

The private tenure, one to three bed homes include maisonettes at ground floor to provide active frontages, screening the car park and introducing activity within the two public courtyards – helping to create a sense of community and a safe and secure environment.

The masterplan

Both massing and material treatment have also been carefully considered, in line with the masterplan principles. Building heights vary between six and eight storeys to reference the existing architecture of the Alton Estate, with taller blocks positioned to the north to prevent overshadowing. The massing steps down at the gateways of the public routes, highlighting the key thresholds.

The use of different brick tones across the three blocks provides a transition from the red brick of Roehampton Village to the grey tones of the modernist concrete architecture within the estate. Grid brickwork and concrete panels set within the facades further complement the existing, listed buildings.

The wider masterplan includes retail units, co-working facilities, a new community library and an overall increase in affordable homes.

To help enable the redevelopment of the Alton Estate, TateHindle has also designed a 14-dwelling affordable housing development on Fontley Way , adjacent to the main estate.

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