TateHindle Architects

9 Nestles Avenue completed public consultation

We are delighted that a residential scheme for 9 Nestles Avenue for Healey Development Solutions has completed its public consultation and is in the process of planning after productive pre-application discussions with Hillingdon planning team.

9 Nestles Avenue comprises 103 apartments and duplexes in Hayes, within an area of regeneration. The development will attract new families, provide affordable housing, boost trade in the area and support local businesses. Careful consideration has been undertaken to ensure the landscaping and sustainability are at the forefront of the design. The development incorporates a new green space onto the avenue and a garden walk along the length of the site. Three communal roof garden terraces are formed from the stepped massing, providing a mix of external spaces for the residents.

The architectural design considers the context of existing residential housing, commercial buildings and forthcoming new residential schemes. The new building has a modern warehouse feel of masonry complimented with contemporary materials. This simple palette of pale brick with blue-grey concrete details and all architectural metalwork finished in a graphite tone, gives a modern classic look, radiating quality. The large warehouse style windows enhance the living spaces. The landscape has been designed as numerous ‘outdoor rooms’ which are well planted to give residents the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living.

The scheme has been brought together by the client and main team of TateHindle, Mecserve, Exterior Architecture , I-Transport and Daniel Watney.