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DSE: Introduction to Housing Types and Tenures workshop

Project Architect Vinesh Pomal was delighted to co-deliver a workshop with Scott Adams (HTA Design) in Faversham on Housing Types and Tenures to an audience of local authority officers and Architects for ‘KentDesign’ as part of the Design South East events. The half-day introductory session focused on residential design in the context of the home and design quality at both the macro and micro scales of development.

Each scale of development had a short presentation by Scott and Vinesh followed by a group activity. One of the activities, led by Vinesh, was to analyse and improve two house typologies that had been built. Lots of comments were made about open plan layouts, storage, plot widths and active frontages against the commercial requirement by clients to have large numbers of homes on any given site.

Vinesh, who also sits on the Sutton Design Review Panel managed by Design South East, said, ‘it was a great opportunity to share best practice knowledge to built environment professionals who can influence good housing design and to hear their views on what is deemed best practice. It rustled feathers but on the whole, the workshop was well received and got many local authority officers thinking about how they could champion design quality through policy and informed decision making. One conclusion we all came to be that whatever constraint we’re faced with; we must always think about the impact on the end user, and how they might use the space.’