TateHindle Architects

Irongate office refurbishment complete

Located in the heart of the City of London, Irongate stands opposite the St Boltoph building, surrounded by landmark towers. The 1970s office block was outdated and in need of a complete overhaul to bring it up to current modern standards.

The recently completed scheme entailed a full Cat A refurbishment to all six office floors, a new extension in the ground floor undercroft to provide dedicated secure cycle storage and shower suite, and a radical redesign of the reception. A refined material palette of black and white with copper detailing is used to create a contemporary reception area. Elegant lines of strip lights are inset and run continuously along walls and across ceilings in a variety of angles, providing a dramatic feature for the building’s entrance.

The building’s retained exterior is enhanced with the addition of strong branding including bold illuminated signage positioned behind mesh panels. The entrance forecourt has been redesigned to embrace the newly landscaped adjacent square and improve the streetscape.