Swan House

Swan House is a 1930s building designed in an Art Deco style. It is situated in the heart of the West End, close to Bond Street station.

The building was tired and required updating and the client, PRUPIM, appointed TateHindle to design the refurbishment to bring it up to modern office standards.

TateHindle's design included removal of the services plant from the top (seventh floor) and the creation of a new, glazed roof-top level overlooking the West End. This extra floor space was designed so that it is not visible from the surrounding conservation area.

The original entrance was one of a series of identical archways at the front of the building. It has been redesigned with a distinctive bronze arch to make it more prominent and to properly define the entrance into the building. A further archway was created inside the impressive reception area to echo the external entrance.

The construction process took place with existing tenants in operation on the lower floors and was completed in 2008.